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Adam Connolly Attends Hyundai 20 Group in Chicago

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Even the best business has room for improvement. That’s why we make the effort to constantly seek out the latest technologies, best practices, and newest trends so that we can grow and improve as a dealership, and offer our customers the benefits of our up-to-date training.

On July 18th, Adam Connolly traveled to Chicago to participate in a Hyundai “20 Group” conference. These type of conferences allow dealerships from across the country to share their ideas, learn new ways to do things, and consult with industry leaders. Several automotive experts attended to give tips on how to make changes, such as making service visits shorter for customers, ways to keep pricing lower, methods of increasing value in your vehicles, and how to utilize new internet technologies.

We continually strive to move forward and be cutting-edge! We know our customers appreciate doing business with a dealership that is never completely satisfied with the “status quo!” Our constant evaluation of our practices means the best possible car buying experience for you!

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