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Summer Car Care Tips from a Herb Connolly Service Advisor!

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Hello Everyone! We hope you are enjoying your summer! We thought you might be interested in a summer freshening tip from Herb Connolly Service advisor Joe Carmichael. He recommends the following article:

When people talk about car care and servicing their cars, they’re normally concerned with the regulars like oil changes and tire rotations. One of the most overlooked aspects of car care, however, is changing the filters, especially the cabin air filter.
The cabin air filter cleans outside air coming in through the vents, so the air you breathe inside the cabin is free of allergens and other pollutants. Cabin air filters should be changed every 12,000 to 15,000-miles (at least once per year). Make sure you check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s specific recommendation. The service technicians at our dealership, the people who know your vehicle best, can answer your questions and provide advice.
Here are a few helpful tips:
What’s That Smell?
If you notice an unpleasant odor coming through the vents, it’s probably time for a filter change. It’s been said that pollen and other substances can be up to six times more concentrated inside the car. For allergy sufferers or people with respiratory issues, even a little more contamination in the air can be a big deal.
Get The Right Part
Don’t just settle for any filter. Be sure to get the filter that is made specifically for your vehicle. While generic options are available and may fit, they may not perform to the standards of a manufacturer-recommended filter. it’s best to get the parts that the manufacturer recommends. Our Parts Department has everything you need to ensure maximum efficiency, performance and value.
Why Pay More?
Take advantage of our seasonal service specials to save money and get a quality job done the right way. Factor in the peace of mind that comes from knowing the work is being done by factory-trained technicians.
Make sure the air you breathe behind the wheel is the cleanest it can be. Check your cabin air filter and all the filters in your vehicle, regularly.”

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